Things To Do In California During Summer

Every year, summer vacations are a tradition that we look forward to each year. We love to enjoy the sun, relax and feel a little bit like paradise. California is a popular summer vacation spot due to its beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and serene scenery. These places are great for inspiration when planning your next summer vacation. You can take your family or friends along, or you can go on your own.

Here is the list of Things To Do In California During Summer:

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Although many people associate Lake Tahoe with being a great spot for snow sports in the winter, it is also a popular summer destination that offers moderate weather year-round. Summer residents flock to the Lake Tahoe region from the central valley to escape the heat and participate in outdoor recreation. You can kayak on the lake, and there are ski resorts that offer mountain biking and scenic aerial rides. Renting a boat at the marina is a great way to have fun on the water or learn water skiing.



Mendocino, a northern coastal town, has moderate weather throughout the year. It is particularly cool and refreshing in the summer. You will find stunning coastal scenery and great hiking conditions.

Also, the late-blooming wildflowers are a bonus. Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens are worth a visit. You can also take a ride on Skunk Trains, learn about Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach, and photograph the lighthouses along this coast.

Pismo Beach


Pismo Beach, a beach town on California’s Central Coast that can be used as a getaway in summer, is a great choice. This is a popular spot for summertime travel so book your accommodation early.

You’ll find fun shops, a nice beach, and great local restaurants if you book early. In addition, you can rent an ATV to explore the Oceano Dunes while you are on your summer vacation.

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park’s tall, towering trees are stunning at any time of year. However, the shade they provide on hot summer days is a great advantage. It’s a great place to go on summer vacation.

You can get your kids out of their screens and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Although many national parks across the country are crowded in summer, this one is much more peaceful than Yosemite for those who want to avoid traffic and crowds.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island

To reach California Island, you will need to take a boat from California’s mainland. This creates an unforgettable summer vacation experience. You can enjoy the beach, snorkeling, and parasailing here in summer. You can also stand up paddleboard on the calm waters of Catalina Conservancy.

National Park Lassen Volcanic

National Park Lassen Volcanic

Lassen Volcanic National Park, located in northeastern California, is a wonderful summer destination. It’s home to volcanoes, hiking trails, and interesting geothermal areas. It is located near Redding and is often considered one of the most peaceful parks with manageable crowds.

The park is high up, so snow doesn’t melt until mid-summer during some years. It also means that temperatures stay pleasant even when much of the state gets scorching hot. The Bumpass Hell trail, three miles long and passing through hydrothermal areas, is a popular attraction. Manzanita Lake campsite allows you to camp in an RV, tent, or cabin.

San Francisco

San Francisco is often cool and comfortable, even in the middle of summer. Even if you are traveling in July, it is a good idea to bring a pair of jeans along with a sweater. You can also find many things to do in San Francisco during the summer, like festivals, marches, outdoor concerts, markets, and budget-friendly activities.

There is a fantastic 4th of July celebration in San Francisco. Also, there are the Giants baseball games, Outside Lands Music Festival at Golden Gate Park, and the San Francisco Marathon in August.

Mount Shasta


For outdoor recreation, it’s a great idea to visit Mount Shasta in Northern California. The area is great for mountain biking and hiking in summer. There are also rental shops nearby if you need gear.

In the summer, fishers love Lake Siskiyou. In addition, Mount Shasta offers a free concert series in summer and a blackberry festival so that you can delay your summer vacation until Labor Day weekend.

Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes, like Lake Tahoe, is often reserved for winter vacations due to the incredible skiing at Mammoth Mount. However, this is a wonderful place to go fishing, boating, and mountain biking. There are also great hiking and fly fishing opportunities.

You can hike in the Mammoth lakes Basin for great views, ride at Mammoth Bike Park’s over 80-miles of single-track, or go backpacking in the Ansel Adams Wilderness and John Muir wilderness areas. You can also kayak at Lake Mary, go rock climbing with a local guide, ride horses, and visit Devil’s Postpile National Monument.


Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve

Monterey is ideal for summer vacation due to its beautiful coastline, Cannery Row, and family-friendly attractions. It is usually warm here in the summer. You can see whales year-round, and Monterrey has many excellent wineries and tasting areas.

You can enjoy a round of golf or browse the local farmers’ markets. The Monterey International Blues Festival and Artichoke Festival are some of the top summer events in the area.

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