Things To Do In Colorado Springs In The Winter

Colorado is a top-rated tourist destination during winter, and visitors flock to the cities to be their base of operations. Colorado Springs is one of the most desirable destinations for families to consider as the place to go to enjoy a winter holiday. From underground tours to mountaintops, each type of attraction takes you to the iciest snow. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll not be left with a lack of options when it comes to determining what you can do during the winter months in Colorado Springs.

Here is the List of Things To Do In Colorado Springs In The Winter:



The most traditional winter sport to be found with snowfall is snowshoeing. It’s an old-fashioned method of travel that dates through thousands of years, but the technology has advanced far.

Today, light snowshoes and marked trails make snowshoeing an enjoyable activity instead of an exhausting task of getting from one spot to another. It can take up an entire day of fun with the family and even have the most active kids exhausted when they’re done.

It’s not hard to find spots to go to throughout Colorado Springs if you’re looking for the best snowshoe trails. Mueller State Park has several paths that take hours to complete The Horsethief Park trail will take you through and around the Pancake Rocks, and the Barr Trail will take you to Pike’s Peak. These are only some of the tracks that are close to the city.

Ice Skating

A cheesy Christmas film is not complete without a happy couple enjoying the ice skating rink of the local park. Although you might not be filming a funny movie, it’s the same as a winter getaway for the family.

Ice skating can be a lot of fun for novices and experts alike. Colorado Springs is home to numerous outdoor and indoor rinks available for people to experience. Monument Ice Rinks, Sertich Ice Center, and Honnen Ice Center are just three places worth visiting.

In minutes after stepping skating, the entire family will be skating and sliding, which will surely make everyone smile. It’s a rewarding experience; however, skating on ice is a fantastic workout and loads of fun once you’ve got the knack for it.

Manitou Springs Hot Springs

It’s a well-known truth that hot tubs constitute among of the best things about winter. The ability to find natural hot springs to offer an experience without chlorine will increase the value tenfold. Finding natural hot springs isn’t easy, and, often, you’ll work hard for the payoff.

Manitou Springs is located just to the west to the west of Colorado Springs and is filled with springs that you can soak in. The small town helps find hot springs as easily and makes the journey even more straightforward.

It could be done in the company of your family if they have a few tears already. This is the type of place to take a deep breath and let it go slowly. It’s not a pool to play in. Let the family unwind after the day or let the body loosen initially.

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge


The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge used to be the most high-altitude suspension bridge anywhere in the world until the bridge in China surpassed it. In the present, it remains the highest bridge located in the United States and ranks highly in the top list of tallest bridges around the world. It is safe to say that if you’re not a fan of heights, then perhaps stay on land.

A short stroll across the bridge can be enough to enjoy the stunning landscapes you can see during winter. It is pretty amazing to witness how snow moves through the gorge and to feel like you are so small when standing over it.

The park that houses the bridge also has zip lines, a sky coaster with bungee jumps, and the most recent via Ferrata. For those who aren’t familiar with ferrets, it’s basically clipping into wires made of metal and climbing up cliff sides and then looking down at the depths. It might be for a family who considers themselves highly adventurous.

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

The winter months are ideal for seeing the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. The center is committed to the protection of wolves as well as educating the general public. The wolves who call the center home are among the most active during winter months, and that’s why we strongly recommend that you put it in your list of winter activities.

It is also home to the Wolf and Wildlife Center and four species of foxes. This is a great chance to add a little education to the mix of fun during your holiday.

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

The last destination on our list could be more surprising in winter. Why? It’s because it’s totally without snow. This is what makes it one of the most enjoyable winter activities to do in Colorado Springs.

The cave of the Winds Mountain Park has situated a short distance to the west of Colorado Springs in the Pikes Peak region. This cave complex provides a refreshing break away from the grand snow world above the surface. It’s a treasure trove of fascinating geology. The tour will take you through 15 rooms and along more than a mile of trails.

Cave of the Winds also offers Christmas Underground, a Christmas celebration full of music and stories to spread the festive spirit to the ground. It’s the ideal opportunity to spend time with your family members to have an escape from the cold without being locked in a hotel room.

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